What Is Rabbi Wolpe Doing To The Persians At Sinai Temple?

Pious Pico Joe emails: "You ever consider writing something on what the heck Persians are doing going to Sinai Temple?  The conservative rabbi there doesn’t teach Torah from Sinai.  I’d imagine the conservative movement "theology" of M-n Made Torah doesn’t even exist in Iran.  Some of these folks would spend a year researching comparable sales before buying an apartment building but they apparently haven’t spent 5 minutes researching their rabbi or the Conservative movement."

Truth be told, I try to snag press passes to their events so I don’t have to pay, so, no, I don’t think I’ll be investigating this story in the near future.

I want to catch Rabbi Wolpe interviewing Lori Gottlieb tonight at Sinai Temple. Anyone want to give me a ride from Pico/Robertson? It’s raining men, hallelujah!

LA Times Editor Russ Stanton will be at the LA Press Club tonight. I’ll take a ride to that too. In exchange I’ll rub your neck and give you a free script consultation.

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