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Christians In Jerusalem Want Jews To Stop Spitting On Them

From TorahMusings.com:  Christians in Jerusalem want Jews to stop spitting on them ▪ National memorial for fallen rabbi nears in Arlington National Cemetery ▪ JPPI summarizes demographic trends ▪ Stanley Fish: What’s Up With the Jews? ▪ Israel’s Cedar wins award at Cannes ▪ Treasury agrees … Continue reading

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Rethinking Jewish Day Schools

From DonnaBurstyn.com: I was calculating what I spent on the education of my four daughters before they hit college. Three of them went to Orthodox Jewish day schools. A fourth one went until third grade and then was in other … Continue reading

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The RCC Vs. Rabbi Bukspan

In February 1997, attorney Baruch Cohen drafted a letter on behalf of Rabbi Yehuda Bukspan asking for a suspension of the RCC‘s campaign to destroy the rabbi. One of the signatories sent me this petition. I asked Baruch Cohen for … Continue reading

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Converting The Mentally Ill

Orthodox Jews don’t look for converts among non-Jews. They typically turn away three times Gentiles seeking conversion and then only convert them after they have proved themselves. Now what happens if the convert is sincere but mentally ill? Different Batei … Continue reading

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Heshy Fried Live In The Hovel!

Heshy Fried operates FrumSatire.net. I hung out with Heshy for four hours Sunday night. (My 2011 video interview with Heshy.) Things started out in the hovel and then moved to Haifa restaurant on Pico Blvd. Luke: “Heshy, when you were … Continue reading

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