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Tikkun Olam

As I’m checking out of Ralphs, wearing a yarmulke and tzitzit out as always, this old lady in pants says to me, “Do you believe in tikkun olam?” “Yes,” I say. “Then why are you using these?” she says, and … Continue reading

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To Pray

I walk into shul, sit next to the rabbi, and for the next three hours we’re silent except for rattling off our prayers.. Finally, after adon olam and kiddish, I shake his hand and say, "Gut shabbos." "Look," he replies. … Continue reading

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Israel At 60

Yossi Klein Halevi reflects: To be an Israeli at the time of the state’s 60th anniversary means to be resigned to living with insoluble emotional and political paradoxes. It means living with a growing fear of mortality, even as we … Continue reading

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