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Latest Torah Talk Response

Greg Leake writes: Hi Luke, Another great session with ZZ Top and the Spaceman. The Torah Corral was a funny bit and so was the list of 10 pejorative things to say about Luke. Cruel, but amusing nonetheless. Quite a … Continue reading

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God Hates Sodomy

This week’s Torah portion is Haazinu (the end of Deuteronomy). On Torah Talk, Rabbi Rabbs discusses Rosh Hashanah, the parsha, and the Ten Commandments of Luke Ford: * You shall laugh at Christianity, and compare believing in Jesus to believing … Continue reading

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Is The Elevator Kosher?

The New York Times reports: Tangible things occupy the days of most building managers in New York City. Hot water, floods, bugs, rent checks and so on. But last week, newly added to the tenant issues facing building managers like … Continue reading

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Aish HaTorah’s One Year Anniversary In Tel Aviv

From The Jerusalem Post: "Everyone finds their way to Tel Aviv," enthused Rabbi David Ziering last week, as Aish HaTorah Tel Aviv celebrated its first anniversary, ironically enough, in Jerusalem. Although Aish HaTorah has long been known as one of … Continue reading

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Where The Girls At?

I primarily go to yoga for the awesome spiritual insights but many of my less enlightened male friends go for the girls. So which kundalini yoga studio has the hottest chicks wearing the tightest outfits? Golden Bridge by far over … Continue reading

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