Where The Girls At?

I primarily go to yoga for the awesome spiritual insights but many of my less enlightened male friends go for the girls.

So which kundalini yoga studio has the hottest chicks wearing the tightest outfits? Golden Bridge by far over YogaWestLA.

Golden Bridge attracts the single Hollywood set while YogaWestLA caters primarily to householders.

Which Orthodox synagogue in Pico-Robertson attracts the most single young women? Bnai David-Judea and the Happy Minyan.

Los Angeles has a signicantly higher proportion of single men than single women while New York is the opposite. This holds true in Orthodox Judaism as well. Most Orthodox female high school graduates move back East. That’s where most observant Jews are and that’s the place for the universities with significant Jewish populations.

Where’s the best place to meet a single young Jew this week? JConnectLA’s Love Fest Wednesday night.

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