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A.O. Scott

How pretentious is that? A. O. Scott. What kind of person calls himself by his initials? Only posers do this. I guess plain old “Anthony Scott” is just not dramatic enough for A. O. Scott. You can see it in … Continue reading

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The UCLA Knifer Thought He Was A Victim

The bloke from Belize who knifed that girl in lab for no good reason last week thought everyone was out to get him. I get nervous when people tell me about how everyone is out to get them. I hear … Continue reading

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A Sharp Jolt Smacks The Hovel

This quake rolled through at 3:50 pm. It was a short sharp jolt. There was no rolling to start this one off like Sunday night. I can recall four sharp earthquakes in the past few weeks now. It is getting … Continue reading

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Jews Blockade LA’s Israeli Consulate

I wonder where these guys were when Hamas was sending rockets into Israel? I suspect they only care when Jews fight back to defend themselves. This is Israel’s first invasion that has nearly unanimous Israeli support. The LA Times reports: … Continue reading

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I Love LAObserved

I visit the site an average of twice a day, usually before I visit the LA Times and sometimes before I check out Drudge and the NY Times. Kevin Roderick does a superb job of capturing Los Angeles. He has … Continue reading

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