A Sharp Jolt Smacks The Hovel

This quake rolled through at 3:50 pm. It was a short sharp jolt. There was no rolling to start this one off like Sunday night.

I can recall four sharp earthquakes in the past few weeks now. It is getting eerie.

I am live on my cam to provide moral support through the inevitable aftershocks.

According to the LA Times: "Earthquake with preliminary magnitude of 4.1 centered in Hawthorne."

LAObserved.com says: "That was a 4.1 preliminary magnitude shaker at 3:49 p.m., also centered under the Hawthorne area like the bigger one on Sunday. No damage reports to speak of, so far."

D. emails: Here’s a fair-dinkum idea for you, you bloody ponce! Instead of sending out panicky notices about a few mild little shakers, maybe you can write a post about your “writing” where you boast about what a literary giant you reckon you are. Maybe you can include the word “eery” as you like to misspell it. I’m showing up one night, Sunny Jim, with a fair-dinkum dictionary in one hand and a garden spade in the other. Then I’m going to mash your head into something resembling guava paste.

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