The UCLA Knifer Thought He Was A Victim

The bloke from Belize who knifed that girl in lab for no good reason last week thought everyone was out to get him.

I get nervous when people tell me about how everyone is out to get them. I hear this from homeless people on the street. I hear this from people who think that Jews run the world. I hate dealing with people who think they’re victims (unless they are genuine victims, victims of a drunk driver, a crippling disease, etc).

Frankly, I hear this "victim" talk from a disproportionate amount of black people and women.

Most women seem to believe that life is harder on women and therefore you have to put up with their emotional blackmail aka that they will throw a fit if they don’t get their way.

I wonder if this knifer was the product of affirmative action. A lot of black and latino kids get into universities through affirmative action and then can’t keep up. They then blame others for this. They would’ve been better off at community colleges taking remedial classes.

I get nervous when I’m around people who are upset that others are making "offensive" comments. This is girl talk. Men shouldn’t talk this way. That this bloke was complaining about "offensive" talk shows how off his rocker he was.

When I was a kid, my dad would spank my bare bottom so hard I couldn’t sit down for days. He’d tell me before delivering the punishment that if I cried, he’d hit me harder and longer.

That’s why I’m such a manly man and don’t go around knifing girls in labs.

If only more people could be like me. Oh what a beautiful world that would be.

From the LA Times:

UCLA professor Stephen Frank, who taught Thompson in his Western Civilization class, said Saturday he told a university administrator 10 months ago that he was concerned about Thompson’s mental health after receiving e-mails from the student.

In the e-mails, Thompson complained to Frank that classmates sitting around him had been disruptive and made offensive comments to him while he was taking a written exam, Frank said. In one of the e-mails, Thompson also accused Frank of taunting him.

"I believe I heard you, Professor Frank, say that I was ‘troubled’ and ‘crazy’ among other things," Thompson wrote in the e-mail. "My outrage at this situation coupled with the pressure of the very weighted examination dulled my concentration and detracted from my performance."

Frank denied Thompson’s claims and told administrators the e-mails indicated Thompson was in need of help, urging university officials to take action. Frank said he was told other professors had reported similar exchanges with Thompson, who complained he was constantly taunted by students across campus — in dorms, dining areas and the library.

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