I Love LAObserved

I visit the site an average of twice a day, usually before I visit the LA Times and sometimes before I check out Drudge and the NY Times.

Kevin Roderick does a superb job of capturing Los Angeles. He has a great eye for photography and a deep love for LA’s history. His delivery of the news is low-key and restrained, like that of an avuncular uncle. His presentation is responsible and proportionate. His rants are few and his tastes are catholic. I’m just so grateful that he’s doing his job, that he’s gathered like-minds to contribute to his site, and that one can visit just one site to know what’s going on around town.

I receive more benefit from his work than from that of any other journalist working in California.

Roderick’s cousin in spirit is Jewish Journal Editor Rob Eshman, whose newspaper just keeps getting better.

D. emails: "Nice use of redundancy, Sunny Jim. You learned little from the hours I forced you to copy page after page out of the dictionary as punishment for indulging your infantile sweet tooth. "Avuncular" means "like an uncle" or "relating to an uncle." It’s right there in the fair-dinkum root of the word, mate. If you keep making the Ford family name look ridiculous, I’ll show up on your door some moonless night, tie you to the bumper of a car and drag you down Wilshire Boulevard for a few miles."

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