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A Guide For Jews To Roman Catholicism

A Jewish friend asked me for a book recommendation for learning about Roman Catholicism (not to convert herself but to understand some of those around her). I replied: I was raised a Seventh-Day Adventist and heard 10x as many bad … Continue reading

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Very Rabbinic

I sent an Orthodox Jewish friend a link to my appearance on a Sabbath panel at Loma Linda University ten days ago. “You looked very rabbinic,” she said. “From the way you sat to the way you spoke, you seemed … Continue reading

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She Hates Christmas

A secular Jewish friend calls me from her goyisha workplace. “It’s filled with all these Christmas decorations,” she says. “I hate it. It’s so phony. They’ve got away from the real spirit of the thing. Everyone pretending to be so … Continue reading

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I’m Gonna Go ‘Kite Runner’ On You!

Here are my videos: The SOASstudent posts about my first video: "At 3:25 you refer to his second wife as a "journalist". She wrote brief, idiotic, inane, ungrammatical, misspelled ‘think pieces’ for a rag in a town called Bahawalpur. French’s … Continue reading

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Please Pray For Joan Hyler

The Hollywood producer was hit by a car Friday night and is in critical condition at UCLA. I noticed this recommendation in one of the emails: "It is best to use her Hebrew name and say your prayers in the … Continue reading

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