Please Pray For Joan Hyler

The Hollywood producer was hit by a car Friday night and is in critical condition at UCLA.

I noticed this recommendation in one of the emails: "It is best to use her Hebrew name and say your prayers in the name of Miriam, daughter of Jane and son of Yehoshua."

Why would God care whether you pray for "Joan Hyler" or "Miriam Bat Yehoshua"?

Is God going to be more likely to heal her if you pray for her using her Hebrew name?

I remember an Orthodox friend wanted to know Cathy Seipp’s Hebrew name so he could pray for her.

She didn’t have one.

Probably why she died.

After years of suffering, Cathy announced at a party that "cancer has not made me a better person."

That was very true.

A Jewish friend of mine does not know his father’s Hebrew name, so he’s been told by rabbis to go through the conversion process.

He refuses.

Stiff-knecked Jew.

When I’m in the hospital, I don’t want anyone wasting their time praying for me.

Just send money.

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