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Chabad Vs Aish Ha Torah

I notice that Aish HaTorah people seem to be very sensitive about any criticism of Aish and to personally hold it against you if you criticize the company. On the other hand, Lubavitchers are about the most selfless people around … Continue reading

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Orthodox Extremism In Israel

Dov Lipman writes: Yes, it is true. I, a haredi with right-wing political leanings, stood on the same stage with representatives of Yisrael Chofshit, Hitorirut Yerushalayim, and Meretz – three secular and very left wing groups – at the massive … Continue reading

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Booted Out Of Shul

I talk to a source on FB: The RCA set up a fake singles event at Kutsher‘s, all designed to kick me out what? RCC? No…even bigger than that…the RCA itself whoa Yeah…they kicked me out of shul…it was terrible. … Continue reading

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Does Leib Tropper Still Have A Following?

Yaakov* emails: The world loves a “martyr” and to the Agudists Tropper was framed and all is denied, in spite of all the scandals and expulsions, Tropper still has access to top Haredi rabbis. He still has money. He looted … Continue reading

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An Award For Baruch Lanner’s Enabler

From the Kvetcher: Rabbi Pinchas Stolper — the haredi-leaning founder of NCSY, was a consistent defender of Baruch Lanner. In fact, he was the one who hired the bastard in the first place, and was his superior for many years. … Continue reading

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