An Award For Baruch Lanner’s Enabler

From the Kvetcher:

Rabbi Pinchas Stolper — the haredi-leaning founder of NCSY, was a consistent defender of Baruch Lanner. In fact, he was the one who hired the bastard in the first place, and was his superior for many years.

After Lanner was busted by the Jewish Week, Rabbi Stolper was there to explain that these allegations of decades of kneeing boys and touching girls improperly had to be placed in context of an otherwise wonderful career as a kiruv professional. After all, Lanner “had such a magnificent impact” on young people. You know, he made them frum! And most importantly, touching girls and kicking boys wasn’t a sexual problem or anything as sordid as that. Oh, no, no, no. Rather,

“despite some obvious sickness that is not sexual but has to do with needing to be in control.”

Oh, so that’s why you let it go on…for decades.

So NCSY, who has had a very hard time of letting Lanner enablers go to far from home, wants you to emulate Rabbi Stolper.

Maybe if you work really hard to “inspire the Jewish future,” you will one day be awarded NCSY’s coveted Rebbetzin Elaine and Rabbi Pinchas Stolper Service Award.

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