Booted Out Of Shul

I talk to a source on FB: The RCA set up a fake singles event at Kutsher‘s, all designed to kick me out


No…even bigger than that…the RCA itself


Yeah…they kicked me out of shul…it was terrible.
So, now I’m trying to get my money back from this Haredi Rabbi who organized the whole thing.

oy, tell me more

Nothing…the whole thing was a setup.
I’m convinced that Rabbi Union put my name on some kind of blacklist.
Also, the yeshivah guys I roomed with were doing things to my property, like sleeping on my bed, and using my toothbrush (yuck!)

…The $300 he pocketed from me (they charged me twice for the same event) is currently in dispute with American Express,
but I may have to take this guy to small claims court to get the money back.
I’ll send you information as it materializes.

The event was Labor Day weekend 2011

what shul did you get booted from?

It was the Kutsher’s shul. Monticello New York.
I’m surprised you haven’t heard of Kutsher’s.
Kutsher’s is the last remaining Jewish Borscth Belt summer resorts.

What they did is this:

As I was walking into Maariv after Shabbat,
someone pulled me aside and directed me to a second minyan behind the women’s section.
There were 10+ people there, all standing, but the thing is that they were all Satmar Haredi.
And one-by-one, they all walked away in the middle of davening, so that I was left standing there by myself, behind all the women.
It was really embarrassing.
I’ve basically given up on Orthodox Judaism at this point.
I don’t mean that I stopped practicing.

I mean that intellectually I’ve been put off by these people to the point where I’ve lost interest in being a part of the community from a social point of view.

So, I’m hoping to meet a reform chick, or maybe an Asian.

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