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Coalition Building

Joe emails: The new Jewish Journal is so out of touch it is actually devilishly funny. The cover is devoted to the AJC’s and other’s efforts to build bridges with the Latino community. No doubt the jewish community has not … Continue reading

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Overwhelmingly White

On his radio show today, Dennis Prager says: Glenn Beck deserves congratulations on pulling off what he did. It was a remarkable and loving and warm event for hundreds of thousands of people. What’s most interesting is the coverage by … Continue reading

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How Did He Vote For Obama?

I am live on my cam: Casey: Hey Luke, can you explain to me how I was deluded into voting for Obama last fall? YourMoralLeader: it felt good Casey: (Nice posture, btw — not very sunken into your hips at … Continue reading

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Sarah Palin Heats Half Of The Homes In Alaska

Jeff Taylor writes that Sarah is so hot that… Bob Dole threw his Viagra away after seeing her on Glenn Beck’s show. Bill Clinton just offered her an internship. Half of all homes in Alaska are heated by her. Palin … Continue reading

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