Coalition Building

Joe emails: The new Jewish Journal is so out of touch it is actually devilishly funny. The cover is devoted to the AJC’s and other’s efforts to build bridges with the Latino community. No doubt the jewish community has not learned its lesson from the no good deed goes unpunished experience of basically giving blood and benjamins for the black civil rights effort, to be repaid by Farrakhan, Sharpton, and generations of Jacksons.

Will the effort to be with the Latinos do any better? I do not know, but I learned something valuable in high school. If people do not want you as your friend, do not try too hard. I went to a party with some people who I thought were the cool group. They were cool, and when it came time to party, I sat alone. Then, when I hung out with the unwashed, i was welcome.

Latinos are not looking to make friends with the Jews. They are somewhere between Italians (who assimilated and who made friends with the jews) and blacks (who did not and did not) politically. Latinos vote Republican, but the leadership is more chip on the shoulder racial than the laity, and the reliance on the spanish language does not bode well for the political assimilation of the Latino community. Look, at some point latinos are going to want what the Democrats have given the Blacks, a president. In the case of the Blacks, there was no room in that mission for the Jews or Israel. I do not expect Latinos to leave room in their agenda for the support of israel.

What the jewish journal (and rob eshman’s attack on glenn beck) purposefully miss is that the state of israel relies on three things for its support in international affairs, first, american evangelical right wing, second, fox news, and third, the federated states of Micronesia and their perfect pro-israel record in the UN.

Glenn beck’s “anti-semitism” that Rob finds fault with is simply not the type of anti-semitism to worry about – and it does not affect Beck’s reflexive pro israel stand. He is against Soros and does use the imagery of a man behind the curtain as is found in the protocols of the elders of zion. There is one problem, Soros, who is biologically jewish, is psychotically anti-jewish. He hates israel. I applaud beck going after him.

As for Beck’s comments comparing faithless Reform jewish leaders to the treachery of islam, it is a reasonable claim – reform judaism is primarily political, with any element of faith last. So too with Islam. The only difference is that reform jewish leader’s politics consist of requesting confiscatory levels of taxes to redistribute income to the poor as “tikkun olam”, while islam’s political goals call for the demolition of jewish buses to fertilize the land with jewish blood. As much as i believe reform judaism is a corrupt organization that is committed to the destruction of judaism, i have not seen any attendees of stephen s. wise engage in jihad except where there is a sale at neiman marcus. Beck apologized.

The American Jewish Committee should spend less time in the barrio and more time in the bible belt. The evangelicals want to have a coalition with us, we are synergistic. I am not saying to leave the Latinos alone – i think it is a smart bet, but you hedge your bets by spreading your money on the whole field of horses. Well, except for the black community. Any attempt, after the obama administration, of working together in support of israel is about as pointless as nailing jello to a tree.

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