How Did He Vote For Obama?

I am live on my cam:

Casey: Hey Luke, can you explain to me how I was deluded into voting for Obama last fall?
YourMoralLeader: it felt good
Casey: (Nice posture, btw — not very sunken into your hips at all)
Casey: I wonder why it felt good… I’m about to rage about this guy. Nobody cares about liberty anymore.
Casey: It’s hard to keep my eye on G-d when all this B.S. is so difficult to ignore.
YourMoralLeader: you serve God, my son, by trashing Obama
Casey: Haha… Glenn Beck said today, “To disobey tyranny is to serve God.”
Casey: Have you done Guru Gurmukh’s Kundalini Yoga tape?
YourMoralLeader: no tapes
Casey: No tapes for you? Just classes? How do you afford it all? Credit cards?
Casey: Maybe Obama will declare Kundalini classes “a human right” as part of the healthcare bill…
Casey: Do you ever watch TV?
YourMoralLeader: dallas cowboys
YourMoralLeader: netflix
Casey: Oh. America’s team.
Casey: Netflix, yeah?–
Casey: I think you’d like Dexter… about the murderous detective.
Casey: There’s a good underplot of fatherstuff.
Casey: it’s a Showtime series… you can get it on instant download. I was watching last week and thought about you… not because of the murder, tho’
YourMoralLeader: i’ve started watching it
YourMoralLeader: is there sex/ nudity?
Casey: You like it? Yeah — there is some… with some really fine women, too. But not so much that it’ll give you an opportunity to lust.
Casey: unless you pause it or something whack like that.

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