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The Michael Medved Alternative

Jason Maoz writes: If you’re a conservative who’s tired of the increasingly cartoonish yawping coming from the Limbaughs and Hannitys and Savages of talk radio, you might want to check out Michael Medved’s nationally syndicated program (heard in the New … Continue reading

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Jewish News

From TorahMusings.com: ▪ The Human Spirit: Long-distance learning ▪ The rabbi and imam, no joke ▪ Do Israelis Speak Hebrew or Israeli? ▪ Rabbi who allegedly made homophobic remarks remains police chaplain ▪ Interview with R. David Bigman ▪ OU … Continue reading

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How The Orthodox Deal With The Non-Orthodox

Orthodox rabbi Marc B. Shapiro blogs: In general, there have been some real changes in how Orthodoxy deals with the non-Orthodox, and Adam Ferziger has recently published a valuable article on the topic. In reading the article, I was surprised … Continue reading

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Conservative Synagogues Under Fire

The Jewish Week writes: With the Conservative movement’s congregational arm under attack on two fronts, the group’s incoming executive stepped into the fray this week with bold promises for sweeping change. “One of the greatest frustrations is that the United … Continue reading

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Book Clubs Are For Girls

In theory, I should be hot for book clubs. I typically read several books a week. I love discussing books with smart people. I love to bond with people over books. Yet I’ve never enjoyed a book club. I rarely … Continue reading

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