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Are The Rich Different?

I think the rich are different (and not just that they have more money). I have no idea if Jewish Journal editor Rob Eshman comes from money but he seems to have the easy confidence that comes from coming from … Continue reading

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The Day I Met Michelle Bachmann

Last summer, I went to a rally for Israel outside the Jewish Federation on Wilshire Blvd. Off to the side, I saw television cameras and Michelle Bachmann coming through. She was shaking hands and introducing herself to people before joining … Continue reading

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My Mantras

I’ve realized through therapy that I have all these mantras that I tell myself to hold things together after loss. My favorite are: * Writing is number one for me * Loneliness is the price I pay for courageous writing … Continue reading

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Empathy & Shame

Throughout my life, I’ve had my narcissism interrupted by tides of empathy. I would suddenly see things as they really were for those around me and I would see how I was doing things that were unnecessarily hurting others and … Continue reading

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