Barack Obama’s Marriage Kaput?

I’ve noticed various stories on the Drudge Report over the past couple of months that indicate the president’s marriage is in trouble.

This past week, I saw:

White House reporters abuzz over wedding ring-less president...

'It's getting repaired'...

On January 29, 2007, I reported on the failed marriage of Los Angeles mayor Antonio Villaraigosa:

The mayor and his wife Corina haven’t been seen together in public in about ten months (since the president of Mexico, Vicente Fox, visited in May 2006). Villaraigosa no longer wears his wedding band (not since the first week of September 2006). His wife does not live with him in the mayor’s mansion (I don’t think she’s ever lived there with him).

“So, will he be reverting to his maiden name?” asks one internet commenter.

Connie was recently spotted cleaning the couple’s home at Mt. Washington.

Around 2:30 p.m. Friday, Jan. 26, a journalist at City Hall finally worked up the courage to ask Villaraigosa after his press conference, “Where is your wedding ring? What’s the deal?”

The mayor said that he had lost weight and hadn’t had the time to have it resized. The mayor said he was still together with his wife Connie.

Journalists from The Los Angeles Times, L.A. Daily News, and City News were around the mayor at this time but nobody bothered to report the matter.

I’ll admit that I’m highly skeptical of the White House’s claims that the president is getting his wedding ring “repaired.”

It reminds me too much of what happened with L.A.’s mayor in 2007.

I can’t remember any skeptical reporting in the MSM about Barack Obama’s marriage. They’re eager to buy into the dream.

I noticed that Michelle went off on a big fancy vacation to Spain a few weeks ago without the president. I can’t believe he was too happy with all the awful publicity she brought him.

Michelle Obama also spent her last birthday without the president’s company (this was noted on the Drudge Report).


US President Barack Obama has reportedly not been wearing his wedding ring for quite some time now. The reason – it has been sent for repair.

For at least two days, Obama’s left hand was unadorned by his wedding band. The White House later said the president’s intricate gold ring, made in Indonesia, needed a little repair, the ABC reported.

It, however, declined to elaborate on what was wrong with the ring.

Obama married Michelle Robinson Oct 3, 1992.

The first lady has also left her wedding ring at home on many occasions.

But it seems her reason may have to do with fashion. While attending the ball on the night of her husband’s inauguration, Michelle ditched her engagement ring and wedding band and opted instead for a large silver cocktail ring that matched her earrings.

Recently, she was again seen without her wedding ring while attending a White House party honouring Broadway music.

The National Enquirer reports:

Michelle Obama – cracking under the pressure of being First Lady – is drinking way more than she should, friends fear.

Longtime pals have been keeping a close eye on her White House booze intake for months, sources told The ENQUIRER, and her husband President Barack Obama even stepped in when she recently consumed too much alcohol.

“When Barack saw Michelle drink more than she should at a recent dinner, he hit the roof. He told her, ‘This is NOT going to turn into a problem!'” a close source told The ENQUIRER.

“Barack is overly sensitive to the issue because of his own past drinking and substance abuse problems. But he also feels guilty because of the pictures taken of him drinking beer at an NBA game recently.”

The President also feels he may have contributed to his wife’s alcohol issues by not stopping her from overindulging during their date night in New York City on May 30.

Michelle, 45, knocked back “a glass or two of champagne” while the couple flew to the Big Apple on a private jet, according to the close source, and published reports said she downed two martinis during dinner at the Greenwich Village restaurant Blue Hill.

“It was clear that Mrs. Obama was having a VERY good time,” a restaurant employee told The ENQUIRER.

“There’s a real fear that she may be drinking more than she should as a result of the pressures that come along with being First Lady,” an insider divulged.

Here’s a report from August, 2010:

We are loathe to report this kind of slanderous story but the National Enquirer and Globe are making some very disturbing allegations about President Obama, a woman named Vera Baker, and, well, the state of his marriage to Michelle Obama. The only reason we didn’t dismiss it outright is because the Enquirer was the one who broke the John Edwards/Rielle Hunter story. At first, like the rest of the country, we didn’t believe them with that one. We dismissed it all as slanderous lies. But it turns out the whole thing was true. Now, this. Can we trust the journalistic integrity of the National Enquirer? Or do we follow our instincts and dismiss this whole thing as slanderous lies? And is it relevant that their story goes back to 2004?


From the Orlando Sentinel July 2, 2009:

You don’t think the Obamas need those dates, like the trip to Broadway last week? Think again.

The couple’s marriage once was deeply troubled, author Richard Wolffe tells “Inside Edition.” The interview airs at 4:30 and 7:30 today on WKMG-Channel 6.

“Until recently, there were more downs than ups” in the marriage, says Wolffe. He is the author of “Renegade: The Making of a President.”

The marriage showed trouble in 2000 because of politics. “He has been open about this,” Wolffe says. “That he says there was little romance [in the marriage]. There was lots of tension.”

In 2000, when Obama ran for the U.S. House of Representatives, Barack thought was Michelle was “being cold,” and she thought he was “being selfish,” Wolffe says.

Here’s a National Enquirer cover from April 2008:

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