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Torah Talks

Greg Leake emails: Hi Luke, I looked at Torah Talks despite my busy schedule lately. I thought I might venture a word about the Kabbalah. Although Rav Berg and the Kabbalah Center in LaLa Land is popular, neither has a … Continue reading

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Couples Counseling

Psycho-therapist Donna Burstyn blogs: How does a couple know when they need counseling? Many times one person believes counseling will help and the other does not. When we’re lucky, both will come in and one will blame the other. I … Continue reading

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Love On The Rocks

Psycho-therapist Donna Burstyn blogs: So what happens to a blended family when the family doesn

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Confronting Religious Diversity

Rabbi Gil Student writes: A significant theological problem that has come to widespread attention over the last century is that of religious diversity. There are other religions whose devoted followers are often intelligent and pious, and take their traditions and … Continue reading

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She Feels Strongly About Her Heritage

The only Jews who say things such as "I’m a proud Jew" and "I feel strongly about my heritage" are Jews who don’t practice Judaism. Those who are observant are too busy for such prattle. Prattle alert here: I am … Continue reading

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