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Rabbi Hershel Shachter’s Rav Revisionism

Marc B. Shapiro blogs: It is common to hear among YU figures the expression “hakhmei ha-mesorah,” referring to authoritative rabbinic spokesmen. Readers can correct me if I am mistaken, but I don’t think that this expression, with the meaning currently … Continue reading

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She Feels Strongly About Her Heritage

The only Jews who say things such as "I’m a proud Jew" and "I feel strongly about my heritage" are Jews who don’t practice Judaism. Those who are observant are too busy for such prattle. Prattle alert here: I am … Continue reading

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Danielle Berrin Lives Large

There’s much to feast on in Danielle’s high holiday report. Here’s my favorite sentence: "There is a particular vantage point, however, from which the social aspect becomes especially manifest." Here’s my favorite paragraph: As a "shul hopper," one is not … Continue reading

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