Jerry Friedman Cleans House At Shalhevet

Before he leaves his position as Shalhevet’s boss, Dr. Friedman is not renewing teaching contracts for a couple of rabbis who’ve opposed him over the years: Ron Jawari and David Rue.

David Rue has been particularly scathing about the state of Shalhevet’s education.

Both rabbis are respected. Rabbi Jawari is widely liked.

Rabbi Jawahari has been at Shalhevet more than a decade. Before that, he was at YULA for a few years. It was not a good fit for either side. He didn’t click with the kids. When you get branded as a bad rav, you’re usually screwed, but Rabbi Jawari made a success of things at Shalhevet.

Has anyone ever seen the paper Jerry wrote to get his EDD from Harvard or is this degree bogus?

If this document exists, I’d like to post it as an example of a seminal moment in not just Jewish education and all education but as humanity’s 20th Century great leap forward in moral thinking.

I hear Jerry has a couple of honorary degrees he bought for himself and for his wife. He displays them in his living room. All the rich guys who show up to the Book of the Month meetings probably don’t know the difference.

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