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When Oprah Winfrey Met Vicki Polin

Here’s some background on Vicki Polin, a crusader against sexual abuse. Rabbis such as Joseph Telushkin and Saul Berman portrayed us as joined at the hip. Since 2004, I’ve been following Vicki Polin’s work with the Awareness Center. She deserves … Continue reading

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Journalists Love Indifference

There’s no emotional quality that journalists prize more in their subjects than indifference. When you deal with people who react in a volatile way to what you write about them, you can’t help but think they are emotionally weak. Think … Continue reading

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Dirt Beneath Their Shoe

A lot of people, such as Steven Weil, Morey Levovitz, Daniel Gordis, Joseph Telushkin, expend a lot of energy complaining about me but they never complain to me. They feel they have been badly hurt by my website. They feel … Continue reading

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