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Football and Love

While girls have come and gone from my life over the past 33 years, I’ve loved only one football team — the Dallas Cowboys. This year, the Cowboys have one victory in seven games. They are virtually eliminated from the … Continue reading

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The Sexy Wife

From Dennis Prager’s radio show today: A woman calls. “My husband loves for me to dress in a very provocative way, especially when we take our daily walks. I’d rather wear a sports bra and spandex leggings.” “He [likes to … Continue reading

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Exxxit: Life After Porn

So I was saying my blessings and humbly eating my lunch this afternoon around 1:30 p.m. I was tuned to ESPN2 watching Shakira in concert celebrating the World Cup. She’s blonde and white and lithe and gorgeous to watch. My … Continue reading

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‘Hell is Other People’

That’s one of my father’s favorite sayings (it is from Jean-Paul Satre’s play No Exit). He was always trying to avoid the hordes of people descending on him. On some Sabbath mornings in Australia, he’d put me on a bike … Continue reading

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