Football and Love

While girls have come and gone from my life over the past 33 years, I’ve loved only one football team — the Dallas Cowboys.

This year, the Cowboys have one victory in seven games. They are virtually eliminated from the playoffs.

I tell myself that I love football and I watch other games not involving Dallas but I just can’t get excited. I find that I just don’t care about anyone else but Dallas. If I can’t be with Dallas, well, I just want to study Torah.

I wonder if I’ll ever find a woman who I love as much and as constantly as I love the Dallas Cowboys. I feel pretty proud of myself when I love just one woman in a year, let alone for 33 years. And even when I am in love with one woman, I often find myself thinking about other women and how much fun it would be to play football with them. Yet when I am with Dallas, I never find myself thinking about playing with other teams.

Why can’t a girl be more like a football?

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