I’m Hosting My First Seder!

I’m so excited! I’ve never hosted a seder before. I’ve always been the guest. Now I’m taking ownership of my Judaism.

And it will all be live on my cam! (Just kidding, rabbis.)

Chaim Amalek emails: "Absolutely you should leave the web cam on for your seder. (And this could be in accord with rabbinical Judaism’s ignorance of electricity, as this would be no different from using electricity to power a light bulb. You could turn it "off" merely by draping a cloth over the camera.) Have you a guest list yet? I would imagine that this will be one of the THE hot invites for this year’s Passover season, especially given the limited space.

"Sadly, Monica seems to have given up on the idea of becoming a Jew, even though we need her blood. (A need that is especially keenly felt in this season of matzoh-making.)"

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