Inside The Mind Of Conspiracy Theorist Zan Overall

In reply to my inquiries about his life and thoughts, Zan Overall emails me:

Dear Luke Ford,

We met outside the 2009 Academy Awards. You interviewed me and posted it as “I Interview a Holocaust Denier Outside the Oscars.” Thanks for giving me that little forum, although “holocaust denier” is a misnomer. Should be “holocaust revisionist.”

No holocaust revisionist denies that Jews (and many others) suffered in German concentration (not death) camps. We do not accept that there was a policy of extermination or that Jews died in gas chambers.

Luke, you are not interested in my contrarian views or evidence for them. You are, however, interested in my life story and what effect it had on my views. I agreed to give you some personal information with the carrot that I could intersperse some information on those views. So here goes:

I will be 83 on June 11, happily married to my third wife, father of one son and two daughters. Their combined ages=163 years. I work as a music copyist, not steadily enough to get by without a “day job” (Thanks to the alimony I am paying).

My father was an artist, wounded in the first World War. As a young boy I was proud of that wound. Now I see my father was a sucker as all soldiers are. As I was when I was drafted in 1944.

I now blame my father’s wound on the people who suckered the American people into that war: British Intelligence, the Rothschilds,=2 0ther Zionists. Read Benjamin Freedman’s speech at the Willard Hotel in Washington, D.C. in 1961. Freedman was a wealthy Zionist who defected and related how Zionists told Britain and France to reject a German status quo ante peace offer. The Zionists assured Germany and France that they could get America into the war. They did so with a crude propaganda campaign, led by Freud’s nephew, Edward Bernays, father of the public relations industry. That’s the industry where liars for hire screw (have relations with) the public. The payoff for the Zionists was the Balfour Declaration, a letter from the British government to a Zionist Rothschild saying Britain “looked with favor” on a national home for Jews in Palestine.

One of your blogees, Fred, responded to your interview by asking 46—-46!!!—questions about me. (d) asked about “the extent to which I am anti-Semitic.” Answer: how can I be anti-Semitic if some of my heroes are Freedman, Gilad Atzmon, Jack Bernstein and Norman Finkelstein? I am “anti” people like Abe Foxman and Ariel Sharon. (God bless their immortal souls.)

Back to singing for my supper.

I did not have a good relationship with my father and have no relationship with my son. His choice, not mine. I regret it but have done all I can do to heal the breach. Now I love, respect and admire my father for his talent and for weathering the Depression as an artist, helped a lot by a $30 a month pension for that wound.

I was a loner in high school, a good student. More of a joiner in college. Joined a fraternity. Left college after three years for music.

Fred, re (m), I have never “been diagnosed with a psychiatric illness.” My father’s sister did spend some time in Elgin (Illinois) State Mental Hospital. I love what she would tell visitors who mentioned her “illness.” She would say “Oh, I’m not out of my mind. I’m out of your mind.”

Fred, Luke and most if not all of you Luke Ford bloggees: “I’m not out of my mind. I’m out of your mind(s).”

I came to Los Angeles in 1952 from Lake Forest, Illinois. Played string bass in groups around town, including Jimmie Maddin’s group. Played with Manny Harmon and with Skinnay Ennis (on the road). Stan Kenton recorded a song of mine, “Falling.” I had one other release on RCA-Victor. I am an excellent songwriter but have been a lousy song salesman. Still plugging with a lot of faith in some of my songs.

If you want to view me singing my 9/11 song, “I Want To Believe You, Mr. President:

Am working on an Obama version called “I Want To Believe You , Mister Presidents.” Chorus:

“About Nine Eleven, Mister President Obama, I hear you agree with George Bush Number Two. But the more that I learn about Nine Eleven Believing you guys gets harder to do,”

I presume that doubting the official 9/11 story, as I do, counts as a “delusion” according to Fred. Et tu, Luke? There must be some of you bloggees who don’t buy that ridiculous official story. If so, I would love for you to speak up and support the “Holocaust Denier” (so called). Got guts? Got milk (in your veins)?

Any of you who do think that ill-trained Muslim pilots did 9/11, I challenge you to go to That is the website of the Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth. They will show you that explosive controlled demolitions brought down the WTC buildings!!!!


Who did? you ask. Answer: the Mossad, the Neo-cons in the Pentagon, Larry Silverstein and his gang in New York and flunky traitors like Cheney and Bush (in that order).

9/11 was a successful false flag black op designed to get the U.S. into an everlasting war with Israel’s Muslim enemies. The Israeli unsuccessful attack on the U.S.S. Liberty was intended to do the same thing in 1967.

I sense disagreement out there. If so, I challenge you to Google “The five dancing Israelis.” I challenge you to read 9/11 Evil 20by Victor Thorn or go to: and read a paper called “Stranger Than Fiction” by Albert D. Pastore PhD (a pseudonym adopted to avoid repercussions).

Returning to my C.V.: Fred, your question (hh) asked: “Does he have a grudge or does he think life has shortchanged him in a significant way? Who? Why?” Answer: I think I alone failed to sell my songs. I blame no one. We create the circumstances of our own lives.

I am sad about the takeover of our European culture, particularly in music, by black culture. I love jazz and black music but wish there was coexistence between black music and what is called “The Classic American Song.” The latter is in the museum and in out of the way jazz clubs.

When I think of Frank Sinatra singing a song by Cole Porter and then view the Grammys or view the jejune musical groups at the end of the Tonight Show, I retch. Anybody out there agree?

BTW our alleged President is a fraud, not eligible to be President. He won’t reveal his purported birth certificate for examination and won’t let us see his college and other records. He was adopted by an Indonesian and never revoked that citizenship. May well be an illegal alien. He did not invite his black grandmother to the Inaugural, undoubtedly because she has testified that she was present at his birth in Mombasa, KENYA!!! Anybody out there with me on that? Visit

In classical times, men testifying in court swore on their testes, not their heart. Can women “testify?”

Politically, I have been all over the spectrum. I worked for Henry Wallace. I have been a member of the John Birch Society. The advantage I have over many of you is that I have been “on both sides now” on many issues.

I was horrified at “Holocaust Deniers!!!” Now “I R One.” (A Holocaust Revisionist, that is.) How did I get there? Because I got around to actually studying what the Revisionists were putting down. Try that sometime—at your own peril. Visit, the website of the Committee for Open Discussion of the Holocaust.

All of you should wonder why something supposedly “true” can’t be publicly discussed and debated. Why must doubters of that “truth” be IMPRISONED???!!! For God’s sake???!!! Wake up, you people and smell the bull shit!!!

This is getting long, Luke. I hope you will post it. If you want to ask me some personal questions to add to it before you post it, feel free. That would be to correct any perceived imbalance between confession and proselytizing.

I hope you find this of interest, Luke. I must say, however, that we learn NOTHING about the truth or falsity of my views by learning whether I am “well adjusted” or, on the other hand, “do not play well with others.” The only use for such information would be attack my unwelcome views with ad hominem arguments. That seems to be the reason for Fred’s 46 questions.

If the most well adjusted, successful person in the world tells you 2 + 2 = 5 and if a loner with Turett’s syndrome (sp.?) screams at you: “2 + f’ing 2 = f’ing 4, you lame MFer!”—————–go with the loner.

Reprehensibly* yours, Zan Overall.

*See Fred’s question (c): He wants to know “the extent to which many would assume he (Zan) is morally reprehensible.”


If you will permit, Luke. Let me add a poem of mine that is apropos.  It is called “Eccentric? Me?”

I plead no contest.
I am eccentric.
I do not stand in the center
Of a flock of sheep,
Thinking the collective thoughts
Of the flock.

I am far “out of the center,”
A wolf prowling the edges of the flock,
Looking for a likely victim,
A sheep who is ready
To think new thoughts,
To think eccentrically.

It’s so appropriate:
One dog is a “dog.”
Two dogs are “dogs.”
One cat is a “cat.”
Two cats are “cats.”
One sheep is a “sheep.”
Two sheep are still “sheep.”
With sheep
The singular merges with the coll
As with those bland and sensible people
Who are not “eccentric.”

-Zan Overall.  24 December 2003.

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