My Personalities Have Changed — All Seven Of Them

My kundalini has changed too. It is flowing in unexpected but exciting directions — none of them illegal!

I’m happy these days.

Hari Har! Hari Har!

I attribute my change in temperament to yoga and Alexander Technique.

I met up with a mate of mine from my Cooranbong childhood three months ago. He said there was something very different about me.

It’s not just my posture and it’s not just my smile and it’s not just the curve of my hips.

Because of Alexander Technique, I inhibit more these days. This gives me more options. I see people around me and I often feel that those who don’t practice the Technique are likely to react in predictable ways. I see their posture and I feel their moods and I sense what they’re going to say before they say it.

Because of the Technique and yoga, my breathing is deeper. I practically only breathe once a minute these days — 20 seconds for the inhale, 20 seconds for the exhale, and 20 seconds to wait until I feel like taking another breath.

I feel like I am not as cynical and predictable and compulsive. I don’t feel as deeply the need to disparage people or to grope them (depending on where I am in my bipolar cycle).

I now sense when other people are being inappropriate. It’s no longer just me most of the time.

Yes, even a rude crude bloke like me can find other people abrasive.

I must’ve changed. I feel different. I’m not as flip and as cynical. I no longer find the cynical pose as amusing as I once did.

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