How Do You Change Your IP Address?

guest4: Luke are you there?  It’s…  *waves*  Do you know how to change an IP?
guest4: I’ve unplugged my computer for hours and still the same freaking IP.  I’m asking everyone and posting on tech forums but nothing yet that’s possible for a non-tech person like me.
guest4: A certain ass posted my IP on my own blog and it was there for hours until I could log in and delete and ban him.

After what Mike South did to me, I finally got the IP to change with no help from Comcast either.   Now I’m also looking into anonymous browsing proxies but in a browser and not just with a single search.  I’ve downloaded a few and tested them out and they’re either utterly confusing or they’re really slow to the point dial-up must be faster.   I’m also going to go to Best Buy and see if I can buy something.  Do you have anonymous browsing or a proxy?

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