How Come So Few Print Journalists Are Hot?

I don’t get it. About a quarter of young female lawyers are hot. About a quarter of young female professionals are hot. Yet print journalism attracts 99% dogs. Why? I love journalism and I love women and I’d really love to love female journalists, but why can’t more of them look like Emmanuelle Richard and a young Cathy Seipp?

I guess the profession requires so much exertion that the female print journalists are just too sweaty to look good. The hot ones don’t go into it. But why? Why do I have to suffer?

Not many female bloggers are hot either. What’s up with that?

How come half the hot female journalists in the world work either at the Jewish Journal or Reason magazine?

There’s some Zionist plot here I am unable to untangle.

I don’t think I want too much. I don’t think I am being unreasonable. I just want female journalists to look like actresses and to act like them too.

It just all seems very unfair.

I want life to be more exciting.

God hates me.

Frankly, I blame the gays.

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