Who’s Editing Danielle Berrin?

Somebody is asleep at the wheel of the Jewish Journal.

Don’t they ever edit their writers?

I like Danielle Berrin. She’s really hot. But she badly needs a strong disciplinary hand.

I find myself paging through the Jewish Journal these days looking for her howlers.

Check out this paragraph from today’s paper: "Edwards’ experience was an unironic echo of the film, and the Orthodox woman a vehemently dissenting voice that cast a dose of reality on an empathetic audience, a minor example of just how uphill this battle will be."

Who is Danielle’s copy editor?

Here are Danielle’s final two paragraphs:

The Israeli government, which has seen its Supreme Court concede turf to the Women of the Wall only to repeal its decision when squeezed by Charedi political parties, appears quite helpless to resolve the swelling religious conflict.

What’s missing in the film — and the movement — is commentary from Torah scholars who might challenge the law, using halacha not to defend but affirm a woman’s place in Jewish religious life.

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