Conservative Rabbi: Jews in America struggled for decades to become white. Now we must give up whiteness to fight racism.

Comments to Steve Sailer:

* Gil Steinlauf, the senior rabbi at Adas Israel Congregation in Washington, D.C., told his congregation that they “must teach our children that we are, in fact, not white, but simply Jewish.”

It’s a hilarious piece. He even mentions Jews being banned from country clubs back in the day. Looks like the rabbi understands which way the winds are blowing in this country and wants his flock to ditch the losing team.

* If you want people to pick your side, as opposed to the other, then they need to know that there will be ill consequences for them if they pick the other.

Steve’s criticism of Jews acting all Frankfurt School does this.

This is not the whole picture though. Those people also need to know that if they pick your side and you, together, win, that they won’t still suffer ill consequences.

Unfortunately the crazy levels of Jew-obsessed criticism on the alt-right works against this.

Now, of course, I don’t think that most people sit down and think about all of this rationally, but it surely plays a very important role in directing people’s emotional sympathies and, it seems, emotional sympathies are everything nowadays.

Furthermore, I am sure, that the Rabbi in question is motivated by the same factors that push all sorts of people into ‘a flight from white.’

There are so many more privileges to be had in being non-white in our culture. In this case, perhaps if Jews were considered less white, there would be no BDS movement, just as there is no BDS movement for Saudi Arabia, despite the fact that their bombing of Yemen is many times more inhumane than Israel’s (still inhumane) treatment of Gaza. Or India for the caste system, Indonesia for Timor and China for Tibet….well, Tibet had a movement sticking up for it but it has simmered down quite a lot.

Since white Hispanics are running from the white identity and now so are Jews, I wonder which group will be next? Or will all whites end up claiming to be racially mixed like Elizabeth Warren? Certainly if I ever apply for anything important I will be claiming to be Hispanic…maybe that my parents were from the south of Brazil?

It is not just jobs and other tangible benefits either but also freedom of speech in conversation. Having to speak from a position of ‘white privilege’ is like creeping around on egg shells. If you can claim to be non-white you can actually relax and speak freely! I think gays use their sexuality as a way to be granted honorary non-white status too, as do women occasionally.

Ultimately we live in a victimhood culture and some people, for reasons mostly of birth, find it easier to claim the huge privileges that come with socially accepted victimhood. They can then amplify these privileges with tantrums and overly-sensitive behaviour. It is a tremendous source of social power just as having honour was in the Middle Ages.

It is the power to be right by default in conversation and the power to speak freely. It is the power to be favoured by the law and to receive special and privileged treatment from most institutions. It is, on its face, an unalloyed good for the individual who gets it and I can’t blame Jews for trying to have it as well.

What I can do, though, is warn them. Not only will it be bad for them if they continue and this victimhood culture is ever dispelled but also latching onto this culture is terrible for your mental health.

By seeing yourself as a victim you oddly lose a real sense of identity and instead receive it from the way those around you treat you. This breeds exceptional anxiety, a feeling of emptiness and depression. It will ruin your children, especially.

They will seek ever greater emotional stimulation, in order to fill the hole in their soul, and be self-destructive in extremis, even as they are toxic to those around them. There is a reason why societies do not remain mired in this culture of victimhood and that is because it is most toxic to those self-styled victims it empowers…after all, it empowers them for their own self-destruction.

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