Are You A Bad Person If You Want Your Country Free Of Certain People?

Many of my Jewish friends would like the West to be free of Muslims, blacks and mestizo Mexicans. I am sure Muslims and many non-Jews in the world would like their lands free of Jews. I am sure that most Israelis wish that Palestinians would simply disappear and that Palestinians wish Jews would disappear from the Middle East.

I am not shocked and appalled by these sentiments. Different groups have different interests and these interests often clash violently.

I was just reading a Jewish historian write in the Washington Post:

The late Father Stanislaw Musial, a Polish Jesuit scholar, noted in the wake of the revelations about the mass slaughter of the Jews of Jedwabne that during the German occupation, many Poles believed that Poland had two enemies: an external one — the Germans — and an internal one — the Jews. He also believed that it was only due to Hitler’s unremitting contempt for the Poles that the Germans did not consciously seek collaboration on a national level. In other words, there was no inherent contradiction between Polish patriotism and participation in the plan to bring about a Poland free of Jews. Comey claims that “good people helped murder millions.” People who murder, rape and steal certainly cannot ever be called “good,” not even figuratively.

The modern state of Israel required murder, killing and stealing and many people regard the founders of Israel as heroic.

I take genocidal hatred for granted. It’s a normal part of the human condition. It is as present in Jews as non-Jews. It is not something weirdly confined to Germans or Poles or Muslims.

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