Anti-Goyim Bigotry

The hate that dare not speak its name.

Comments to Steve Sailer:

* The press has a pattern of focusing on white crimes (UVA) while ignoring others, and of always taking the ani-white side in disputes (Duke Lacross, Ferguson.) This has the effect of demonizing white men. It’s not just that it paints a false picture of reality, it’s that it teaches people that it’s good and noble to criticize whites in an unfair manner. We see the results of this everywhere.

We can’t fight against this kind of anti-white bigotry unless we recognize it and name it, over and over again. Until the overarching pattern is documented, clear and undeniable.

Steve has the point that the left’s ideology is fringe vs core. But in practice, “fringe vs core” takes the form of anti-white bigotry. I imagine the typical journalist doesn’t wake up in the morning thinking to group libel whites, it’s more like they want to avoid “punching down” on a “vulnerable powerless minority.” But it is still functionally equivalent to anti-white bigotry, even if it’s not what they are consciously aiming for, even if they don’t realize they’re doing it. And it’s what we need to fight against.

And by doing so we can fight anti-core, anti-majority sentiment at the same time. We say anti-white bigotry is wrong at the same time we say anti-majority sentiment is wrong. Majorities have the right to be proud of their heritage, meaning whites have a right to be proud of their heritage. That majorities have a right to a home and to pass it onto their children, meaning whites have a right to a home and to pass it onto their children. The general principle is enhanced by its prime example, they fit together hand in glove.

* Why are jewish writers so obsessed with the misdeeds of white gentiles? They’re obsessed with chronicling, amplifying and broadcasting them. What gives? Weird.

* Is this really a thing: sleeping with men without having sex with them? Wasn’t “sleep with” a standard euphemism for “have sex with”? It seems like when I read about the campus rape crisis these days I keep hearing stories about some girl who sleeps with a guy but is shocked, shocked when he tries to have sex with her.

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