Blasting The Car Horn

So when a car pulls up next door in 90035 and starts blaring the horn, is this person disrupting the peace of the community most likely:

* Seventh-Day Adventist
* Mormon
* Buddhist
* Middle-Eastern

In my experience, Persians are the most likely group in 90035 to frequently use their car horn (and to bring the police in to settle down a domestic dispute).

I remember this Persian neighbor, when his teenage son wouldn’t immediately account for some money, began screaming, “My son’s a drug dealer!”

It was inconceivable in my Seventh-Day Adventist upbringing for any parent to scream, “My son’s a drug dealer!”, even if in fact the son was a drug dealer. Where I come from (Avondale College), we tried to keep that stuff quiet, along with the car horn. Growing up an Adventist, we’d go weeks without hitting our horn.

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