The World Cup Of Cricket

I tell a friend in Australia via Skype: “We thrashed the Poms by a hundred runs. I was telling everyone at shul about it but they thought I was a dago. They couldn’t care less.”
Mate: “I thought everyone in your area would be on the edge of their seats waiting for that result.”
Luke: “Not even the ones from Australia could care.”
Mate: “Yesterday, India beat Pakistan in Adelaide. It was the biggest TV audience for cricket ever, about 1.2 billion. They had tens of thousands of Indians fly in from India. Tell them that.”
Luke: “They all think a I’m wanker. It doesn’t matter what I say.”
Mate: “A game in the NFL wouldn’t have an audience of 1.2 billion.”
Luke: “The Super Bowl might.”
“I was trying to get anyone to listen to me in shul this morning about the cricket.”
“I must be like a stray dog that keeps coming around. They can’t get rid of me.”

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