There’s Nothing Like A Fight

I know it is not the Torah’s way, but sure is exciting watching the Philadelphia Phillies and Los Angeles Dodgers throw at each.

The benches just cleared at the end of the last inning after the Dodger pitcher threw at a Philly’s head.

Manny Ramirez led the surge.

There’s nothing like an undercurrent of violence to keep your attention.

Normally I find baseball boring.

I remember in the summer of 1982, I was playing a version of baseball with my friend. We used a tennis ball. I was pitching to him from about 40 feet away. He was batting left handed. I had my ring finger on the seam of the tennis ball and I spun it down as I released the ball. It headed for the middle of the strike zone and my friend swung at it as it rose up and towards his head, finally smacking him in the eye.

He started crying and didn’t want to play with me any more that day.

It was my beautiful pitch ever.

The previous year, I taught my friend about the excitement of betting.

He finally owed me about $20. He then embarrassed me by asking his dad for the money, explaining that he’d lost it to me in various wagers. I quickly forgave him of the debt.

"That was a wise move," said the father. "It’s better to keep a friend."

I was Placer High School’s bookie in 1983-84. It ended up being a losing proposition for me as one guy figured out the ponies. I paid him off about 5c on the dollar and moved to Australia.

I never gambled again (with my own money). I find gambling addictive. I lose my head. Best to abstain.

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