Battle in Seattle is a Compelling Film

I’m a right-wing free trader so I am not at all sympathetic to the activists in this movie who disrupt the 1999 World Trade Organization talks in Seattle.

The motivations of the activists are not clear to me but their actions are interesting. I don’t get how they think but I enjoy watching what they do.

The movie lacked an adequate payoff. The third act didn’t work.

The end titles were hysterical. I guess it is a big deal to the director in 2001 that "The TWO recognizes that access to essential medicines should have primacy over commercial interests."

Sounds good, but who’s going to pay for the research that leads to effective medicines? Unless there is a big monetary payoff, there’s not going to be a big investment to get these medicines.

That the WTO agreed in 2001 "to address the needs of poorer countries" does not mean much. Countries are not poor because of inadequate addressing by the WTO. They are poor because they don’t produce valuable products at a competitive price.

"As the WTO floods local markets with imports, 40,000 Indian farmers commit suicide to escape their debt."

What on earth? I’d like to see the evidence for that assertion.

Assuming it is true, then how pathetic is that that these people will snuff it rather than live up to their responsibilities by learning new job skills?

"Over 36 million people across the globe take part in the largest protest in history against war in Iraq."

What does that have to do with the WTO? Nothing. It’s just mindless leftist hysteria. I bet a good portion of those purported 36 million were Muslims who’d like to commit genocide against Israel and snuff the West, including the likes of the director of this movie (Stuart Townsend).

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