Diversity vs Group Continuity

In his third lecture on the history of Orthodox Jews in Los Angeles, Rabbi Shlomo Einhorn says: “I can’t tell you how important this [Talmud Torah school] was. You have to understand that Wabash Avenue was the center of the universe for young Jews [in Boyle Heights]. Young Jews would spend Shabbos afternoon hanging out with Mexican children, Russian children, Italian children, African-American children, Japanese children. That’s a beautiful thing for humanity but when you think about continuity and the survival of the Jewish people, you understand that without a strong firm background, without any understanding of our own religion, you are quickly going to say goodbye to Jews one by one. Boyle Heights did lose a large portion of its population [through assimilation].”

This mixing spells doom for any community interested in its own continuity.

What about white people who want to maintain their traditions and don’t want their kids beaten up by blacks? Do they have any rights (beyond the right to make millions so they can live away from blacks)? Is it OK for whites to worry about their continuity and to bemoan when interracial marriage means the loss of white kids? Is it OK for whites to go to white school to be educated in European traditions?

Is it OK for blacks to not want their kids around whites and asians and to suffer the loss of self-esteem that comes with seeing yourself excelled in school and to be around kids who have fathers present in their lives?

I would think every group, from blacks to Mexicans to Japanese to Seventh-Day Adventists to Mormons would want to raise their kids in a cocoon to build up their own identity. Most people are happiest when they are among their own kind.

Notice how in America today, whites are not allowed to have any group interests, only ideological ones. Blacks, Jews, Mexicans, and other tribes are allowed to have positive group identities and to seek to perpetuate themselves without interference from outsiders.

Rabbi Einhorn: “Following Pearl Harbor, in 1942, the Japanese are put in concentration camps here in Los Angeles.”

Wow, how many Japanese were murdered in these concentration camps? I can find no reports of mass killings.

Japanese on the West Coast were given the choice of moving inland or being moved to relocation camps. Those who did not voluntarily move were taken to camps, but they were nothing like the concentration camps Jews went to in WWII.

In his fourth lecture, Rabbi Einhorn says: “The Jews were proud to be Jewish. They were strong.”

Are we allowed to want the same thing for goyim? That they be proud in their identity?

(A Jewish friend tells me: “My answer is Yes. Why not. But I think that throughout history whites were always proud of their identity and never relied on Jews on any other “second class races” to encourage them to be proud. The mere existence of Jews and other “second class races” made whites proud of their identity so that is probably the reason that their new-found pride threatens the old white’s pride.”)

Notice that it is never regarded as a bad thing in the MSM or in polite society for every group but whites to be proud and strong in their identities.

When did you last hear a rabbi preach that goyim should be proud and strong in their identity? Has that happened in history? Not that it is the duty of the Jews to tell whites to be proud of their history and their identity, but heck, in this world, it seems like the goyim won’t believe anything unless a Jew tells it to them (Jesus, Paul, James, Freud, Marx, Prager, Krauthammer).

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