Is Donald Sterling An Anomaly Among Jews?

A 1994 University of Chicago sex survey, the most comprehensive of its kind, found that Jews have more sex partners than any other ethnic and religious group, more than twice as many as Catholics (who have the fewest of any religious group).

That comports with my life experience. Jews seem to have fewer hangups and less guilt about the natural passions (for sex, money, fame, power, etc) than do non-Jews (though Orthodox Jews usually wait until marriage to have sex and have more stable family lives than do non-Jews on average).

So Donald Sterling’s frank talk about sex and race struck me as normal among Jews. Jews tend to speak more openly and more passionately because their religion is all about action and that leaves you to be more free with sharing what you are feeling, while Protestantism is all about faith and heart and so you have to repress more what you are feeling so you don’t seem like you are not saved (Catholics run the gamut).

Sterling reminded me of about 10% of the Jewish men I’ve known (OK, like attracts like).

A great way to learn about Hollywood Jewish culture is to watch the TV show Ray Donovan (whose main character is an Irish Catholic from Boston but he’s often working for Jews in Hollywood). It expresses truths that journalists can’t write about for fear of ending their careers.

In season two, episode three (written by proud Jew and acute observer Michael Tolkin), Ray tries to make-up with Jewish talent agent Stu Feldman so Ray can get his kids into an elite private school. Ray walks into Stu’s office.

Stu: “What are you doing here? Did I call you? Hey Ray, buddy, what are you doing here?”

Ray and Stu sit down. Stu sits awkwardly.

Stu: “You ever take testosterone?”

Ray: “No.”

Stu: “Of course not. They probably milk it from you last blood plasma. It’s f***ing me up. I got pimples all over my back and an abscess over my ass so deep you could hide the profits from five Tommy Wheeler movies. The little girlfriend is driving me insane. I got her a record deal. They took her to a hair stylist and now she looks like my kid Jamie. I almost f***ed him the other night.

“You came to me. What do you want?”

Ray: “My kid wants to go to Bel Air Academy.”

Stu: “Ray Donovan wants a favor from me.

“Lexie Steele, you know her work?”

Ray: “No.”

Stu: “She’s a porn star. She’s been called the Meryl Streep of the gangbang. I have tried 50 times to get this woman to come and f*** me and no matter what I offer, they pass. What would you do Ray?”

Ray: “I’d leave that alone.”

Stu: “Well, I can’t. You need to go and figure out why she’s turning me down and what I have to do to get her to f*** me.”

Ray: “I do this, and Bridget goes to Bel Air?”

Stu nods.

Ray goes to the office of the Jewish pornographer husband-pimp of Lexie Steele, who’s hard at work.

Hubby: “I know a few people who know you… How can I help you?”

Ray: “I’ve got a client who’s willing to pay $20,000 to have sex with one of your actresses. Lexie Steele.”

Hubby shakes his head. “Lexie Steele’s my wife. How about I offer you $20,000 to f*** your wife? Are you going to take that deal?”

Ray: “No, I wouldn’t.”

Hubby: “Does this look like a brothel to you? My wife is an actress, not a prostitute. She makes movies with other professional porn actors who are tested regularly by doctors and we have a guild. We win awards. We pay taxes.”

Ray: “I get it. You have standards.”

Hubby: “Right I got standards. The last guy who treated my wife like a whore, I tied him up and I put him in a closet for three days.”

Ray puts to a CD. “Can I get one of those for my client?”

Hubby: “I get $50 for those at the porn conventions. People line up for hours.”

Ray gives Stu the bad news.

Stu: “You know the difference between you and me? You take no for an answer. I can handle this myself.”

Stu gets tested and arranges to do a POV shoot with the actress.

Stu tells her: “I’ve met a lot of stars but…”

Lexie: “What’s the scene?”

Stu: “That we’re the last two people on earth and you’re sucking my dick.”

The porners soon see through the stratagem and Stu ends up beaten and kidnapped and needing Ray’s rescue. Stu walks off complaining, “Have you ever been hit in the head while you were coming?”


As first reported in these pages, Sterling initially denied under oath having an affair with Castro, but subsequently admitted to paying her for “sucking me all night long.” Sterling described Castro as a “total freak” and “piece of trash” whom he paid $500 per “trick.” Describing his relationship with Castro, Sterling testified, “It was purely sex for money, money for sex, sex for money, money for sex,” adding that the couple would have sex “all over my building, in my bathroom, upstairs, in the corner, in the elevator.”

A review of Sterling’s testimony offers further details of how, according to the wealthy businessman, he was victimized by a predatory, sex-crazed younger woman. Deposition highlights included:

* Sterling testified, “All this woman did was call me every other day and asked me if she could suck me, if she could come in and give me a trick or if she could lick me.”

* When asked about a trip he took to Paris and Rome with Castro, Sterling replied, “For sex. I travelled with her for sex.” Though he could not always perform due to “all of these nine pills a day,” Sterling noted, “But whenever we traveled anywhere on the trip, she kept a record. And she told me how much I owed her, and I paid her. I paid her for every time we ever fooled around.”

* Recalling that, “We went to Paris to have sex,” Sterling testified that Castro wanted to tryst in an airplane bathroom, but “I wasn’t physically able to.” Sterling and Castro were joined on that European trip by Castro’s mother, who flew to Italy on the businessman’s dime. After spending time with his mistress and her mom, Sterling testified that he met up with his wife for the remainder of his overseas vacation.

* Sterling, then nearly 70, was apparently irresistible to Castro: “Every time that girl saw me she grabbed my body. She wanted to pull something and have sex.”

* Testifying about having sex at Castro’s Los Angeles apartment, Sterling recalled, “The minute I walk in, she has got a dirty video on the TV, the filthiest, dirtiest, ugliest video. That is supposed to get me hot.” Sterling added that Castro told him the video was a gift from boxer Mike Tyson, whom she previously dated.

* As to whether he had asked Castro to speak with a doctor “about whether she could become pregnant,” Sterling bristled. “Here a man is having a relationship, sex for money with a woman. He is quietly concealing it from the world…It is ridiculous. It is ludicrous.”* On the transactional nature of his dealings with Castro, Sterling said, “I paid her $500 a trick. Every time she provided sex she got $500.”

* Castro was insatiable, Sterling claimed. “The woman wanted sex everywhere. She wanted it in the alley, in her car, in the elevator, in the upstairs seventh floor, in the bathroom.”

* Sterling–an exacting customer–made it clear that cash he gave Castro was not a “gift.” He testified, “I was paying her. It was in exchange for sex. It wasn’t a gift. I wasn’t giving her money without her performing something for me. And if it wasn’t good, I wouldn’t give her anything. It was money for sex. How can you say it was a gift? If a man has an affair with a prostitute, is that a gift? It is not a gift.” (9 pages)

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