The Legacy Of South Africa

I was talking to Jewish friends and someone said: Whites surrendered their rule in South Africa (leftist non-Orthodox Jews played a big role in this) even while knowing what they were facing (extinction). Why? Because they let the outside world convince them this was the only righteous way and continuing on as an apartheid state was untenable. This was the beginning of the new communism (of racial equality). That terrible surrender gave the liberal Jews and their allies hope that whitey could be defeated. Now it was full on attack.

Of course, the goyim try to use our tricks back on us, screaming about how Israel (with its rule over the West Bank) is apartheid. And that is what is so bizarre about the small but consistent faction of the Jewish far-Left. They scream, “How can you countenance Israeli apartheid?” And the answer is parallel to what whites said in Africa — because to not support Israel would mean the destruction of the Jewish state by demographics and rockets, as opposed to demographics and machetes. But it isn’t just that what is happening to whitey in South Africa, or what happened to whites in Zimbabwe that makes their question a non-starter. The consistent far-Left doesn’t understand that this was never a moral issue for Jews, but merely a tactical, probing one. They think we don’t see the inconsistent morality because of tribalism on Israel, but they are failing to understand the obvious — that there never was any overarching morality and ideology in the first place (instead, it was hatred of whitey). We Jews do what we need to do to survive and that includes shifting our public arguments. We may embrace democracy when it suits us but in the end, we want to survive as a distinct people in our own land. There’s nothing in Torah about the necessity of democracy in our own land. There’s nothing in Torah about giving non-Jews in our land any rights that might interfere with our way of life.

Whites should learn a lesson from us. They should put their survival first and let ideological justifications for surviving as a distinct people change as needed. First you do what you need to do, and second you invent reasons for doing what you did.

Another friend said: I’ve spent a good deal of time on both sides of the West Bank. I have no problem referring to the West Bank as existing under Apartheid-like conditions. The problem is that the left often conflates conditions in the West Bank with Israel proper. Israel proper resembles Apartheid in no respect whatsoever. F— the morality of it; unless Israel jettisons the West Bank for demographic reasons, Jews in Eretz Yisrael are gonna go the way of Afrikaaners in South Africa — getting butt-humped by their former charges.

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