Is Judaism The Reason Jews Are Creative?

In his second lecture on the history of Orthodox Jews in Los Angeles, Rabbi Shlomo Einhorn says: “Los Angeles is being shaped by people running from orthodoxy, fighting over their orthodoxy, hiding their orthodoxy, being creative because of their Judaism, because of their orthodoxy.”

You may have noticed that Jews tend to be quite ambivalent about God but they love their Judaism. Christians, by contrast, love their Jesus but are ambivalent about their Christianity.

Jews can talk all weekend about their Judaism and Jews want to attribute their success to their tradition. That’s much safer for the Gentiles to hear than any notion that Ashkenazim have 12 more IQ points, on average, than they do (with goyim at 100, Sephardim at 98, and mizrahim — Jews from the Arab world — at 91 and Ethiopian Jews average about 70, typical of people from Sub-Saharan Africa).

IQ only partly accounts for Jewish success as Jews far out-perform their IQs (as Latinos under-perform their IQs, and blacks and orientals perform up to their IQs). Emotional intensity, ethnic solidarity and putting more stress on social and economic success also account for Jewish achievement.

Jews who have the greatest success tend to have the least relationship to Judaism while the most religious Jews have the least discernible impact on the world.

Rabbi Einhorn: “This struggle of identity vs originality vs assimilation comes to a crescendo in one movie — 1927’s the Jazz Singer.”

Whites are denied any honorable identity as whites in the modern world but we are told it is wonderful when all other groups, including Jews and blacks, struggle with their identity vs originality vs assimilation. Intermarriage for Jews and blacks and other tribes is bad news for their group, but intermarriage for whites is a wonderful thing because it weakens white identity and solidarity (white identity, after all, might lead to another Holocaust).

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