More Female Secret Service Agents Please

After all, why would we want to prize competence over diversity? Maybe we should lower standards for men so we can get more gay Secret Service agents. Think about how that would boost morale! Masculine men love to have flamers forced on them.

Dennis Prager: “The media advocate for damaging changes and then when there’s damage, the media don’t report on it.”

The president could well have been killed by this intruder. The Secret Service, with its wimpy female officer and wimpy female director, weren’t up to the job of protecting our chief executive.

More feminism please! Let’s value touchy feely diversity over all other values.

The Secret Service has been under fire for failing to stop an armed man from jumping the White House fence and running through the president’s home, and some critics have begun asking if political correctness is partly to blame for the extent of the security breach.

As the New York Times reported on Monday, the jumper, Omar Gonzalez, “overpower[ed] a female Secret Service agent inside the North Portico entrance” of the White House and then ran past the stairway to the presidential living quarters and into the East Room where he was finally tackled by an off-duty agent. Without explanation, the Times deleted the word “female” from the opening paragraph of its story (the Washington Post similarly edited the word “female” out of its story).

Few details have been reported about how precisely Gonzalez overpowered the female agent, but it’s certainly possible that the Secret Service’s disparate physical strength requirements for men and women may be endangering the life of the president.

According to the Secret Service, male recruits in their twenties need to perform 11 chin-ups to receive an “excellent” rating; performing four chin-ups or fewer would disqualify him from serving as a Secret Service agent.

But for a female recruit in her twenties, four chin-ups would earn her an “excellent” rating; just one chin-up is enough for her to avoid the disqualifying “very poor” rating.

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