Blacks Protest Whites Moving Into Harlem

Are whites allowed to protest when blacks move into their historic neighborhoods? Do only blacks have legitimate interests? Do only whites not have legitimate interests as a group? Notice that as whites move into Harlem, Harlem gets safer. Who would have thought that?

What about non-blacks who have had to flee for their lives when blacks move into their neighborhoods and start doing the things that blacks do at a higher rate than any other race such as murder, theft, rape, and rampage?

Are Jews allowed to mourn the loss of their historic community of Boyle Heights that has since gone Latino? Jews may fight for civil rights for blacks but they usually lead white flight to get away from them and Latinos. Asians don’t usually care for living among blacks and Latinos either unless they’re terribly down on their luck.

Chaim writes: “I’ve lived in or next door to such neighborhoods all of my life and believe me, this sort of change beats many that preceded it. Before it became identified as black, Harlem was mostly white and mostly Jewish at that. And before that I believe it was a Dutch enclave. (Ivan, I well knew U street “back in the day”, as they used to say in Old DC back when it had the moniker of Chocolate City. Marion Barry was mayor, doing a crack job at running the place. A very interesting time.) Also, what are the urban alternatives? Newark? Detroit? Philadelphia? Baltimore? Forty years from now wealthy White Folks, the Asian Women who Love White Men, other East Asians, and Indians (the kind who come from India) will be the majority in cities like New York, forcing out the merely average.”

Notice in the article below that when blacks create all-black utopias, that is a beautiful thing, but when whites do it, it is evil.

Notice the building that once hosted a church, now hosts a mosque. Is this a good sign for America?

I can’t recall Christians in America or the Middle East or anywhere going around beheading people in the name of their religion. If these Muslims who’ve been beheading people were Christian or any other religion, I suspect they would not behead as many people.

Much of America’s beauty is being destroyed by second and third-world immigration.

“The streets seem safer to walk on,” said Maurice Harvin, who helped organize the 90th anniversary celebration with Sandy Byrd. “But you also feel the loss of your people.”

…Ephesus was established in 1924 as the Adventists’ Second Harlem Church by James K. Humphrey. He was the pastor of the First Harlem Church and had greatly increased the ranks of black Adventists in the 1910s and ’20s.

Humphrey ran afoul of the national organization in 1929 by promoting the development of a nondenominational, all-black community called Utopia Park near Atlantic Highlands, N.J. When church leaders learned of the project, they stripped Humphrey of his pastorate. When the First Harlem Church supported him strongly, they stripped it of recognition.

…Yes, after serving as the Second Adventist Church and, briefly, as the 12th Church of Christ, Scientist, Carlton Hall is now Muhammad’s Mosque No. 7. As Harlem changes again…

“The beauty of Harlem is being lost,” Dedrick L. Blue, the senior pastor of the church, said in an interview last week. “Pieces of its history are being destroyed by modern development and greed.”

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