Smart People Can Be Cruel, But Only Smart People Can Create A Good Prosperous Society

Hong Kong has about the highest IQ of any nation, so when they riot, they don’t loot. Same with Japan and Korea. Not so much with African countries and the Philippines, etc.

Chaim: “High IQ or not, the Japanese were especially brutish towards the Chinese when they invaded and occupied their land. High IQ folks can be brutal.”

High IQ folks can be brutal but only the high IQ can build a good society. Name a place you’d like to live where the average IQ is below 90.


* Hong Kong students do their homework at their riot.

* An entrance to the Causeway Bay MTR station was barricaded and emblazoned with signs shouting out for democracy. In the middle was a small cardboard sign – also written by the protesters: “Sorry for the inconvenience.”

* Deploying ancient arts of self defence with an umbrella

The humblest and most domestic of props became a protest icon after it was transformed into a shield against pepper spray and tear gas. The picture of a sole protester wielding his umbrella against the tear gas went viral online on Monday.

* Concern for how fragrant fellow protesters are

* Keeping off the well cut grass lawn when asked by a cardboard sign

* The BBC’s Saira Asher reports on how diligently the protesters cleared up after themselves. “The morning is being spent mostly removing rubbish left over from last night’s huge crowd. Students are picking up cigarette butts and plastic bottles, others are distributing breakfast buns. That is why those on the street are being called ‘the politest protesters’ by some on social media.”

* Recycling has also been organised by those on the streets. Many agree that the world hasn’t seen organised and tidy protests quite like this before.

Can you imagine a large group of blacks or Mestizo Mexicans behaving like this? I don’t recall this type of behavior in Ferguson, Missouri.

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