Why Are Jews So Successful?

Jews outperform their IQs (while Latinos tend to underperform their IQs and blacks perform in line with their IQs). Why? Part of the answer is that Jewish life is the single best way to lead a life (measured by any stats you want). We look after our own. We network. We party together and work together and pray together and study together. We are tapped in to some powerful forces (God, Torah, tradition, peoplehood) that make for greatness and other groups would do well to study our example and appropriate it as necessary.

Jews put more emphasis on social, economic and academic success than do whites, that’s why they succeed more, even when adjusted for IQ. When a Jewish parent gets his kid into a great university, he boasts about it to a degree I’ve never seen among the goyim. Jews put more emphasis on getting into the Ivy Leagues and may well have fewer scruples about getting there than WASPs. In my life experience, members of tribes are more likely to cheat (in work, school, etc) than WASPs, who (along with Mormons) are the most honest group of people I know. Growing up a WASP, it simply wasn’t done to take soap or towels away from your hotel. You didn’t steal alcohol on planes or life jackets. I’ve noticed other groups don’t have these scruples to the same degree (Japanese and Koreans, though not Chinese, come closest to WASPs). The tribal mentality is different from the white mentality. Tribes often have no compunction about taking from the wider society to the degree they can get away with it because they identify primarily with their own tribe rather than with their host country.

Judaism is a legal system and so Jews excel at working a system and dealing with laws.

Jews, in my experience, tend to behave in line with their ancestors and their host nations. German Jews tend to behave differently from Iraqi Jews and English Jews and Hungarian Jews. Radical Jews, a tiny percentage of Jews but terribly destructive, seem to come from East European stock while German Jews are patriots.

When I ask whites about sweeping social issues such as immigration and welfare and free speech, they always respond with answers of universal morality while when I ask tribesmen and they feel safe with me, they usually answers such questions in the light of what is good for their tribe.

Jews get more of the good things in life, even when you account for IQ, because of the following reasons:

* Everybody tends to get more of what they value and Judaism and Jews put more value on this life than other religions.
* Judaism has more ease with the natural passions (for money, sex, honor, etc) than other religions.
* Superior ethnic solidarity
* Wisdom of your Jewish ancestors is usually superior to the wisdom of the goyim
* Jewish intensity
* Jews and Judaism (as it is practiced by most Jews as opposed to just reading its sacred text, which frequently extols humility) don’t place a big value on humility.

Psychologist Byron M. Roth reviewed Richard Lynn’s 2011 book The Chosen People: A Study of Jewish Intelligence and Achievement:

The most notable difference among Jewish groups is average IQ. While the Ashkenazi average is 110, the Sephardic average is about 99, close to that of Europeans. The Mizrahim score about 91, markedly lower than Europeans, but higher than the Arabs with whom they have lived, whose average is about 84. The genetically distinct Falashas have IQs of about 70, typical of sub-Saharan people.
These IQ differences have had an important impact on the achievement of each group. This is especially clear in Israel, where they live side by side. The Israeli population of about 6 million people (in 2000) is about 40 percent Mizrahim, about 40 percent “European,” and about 20 percent Arab Muslims. Comparisons are complicated, however, because the 2.4 million characterized as European include 110,000 Sephardim. Furthermore, many in the group classified as European Jews are immigrants from Russia, a large number of whom—some Israeli demographers estimate as many as 900,000—are not Jews at all. They are ethnic Russians “who pretended to be Jews in order to obtain permission to leave the Soviet Union.” For these reasons the average IQ of those classified as European Jews is estimated to be about 106, lower than would be the case if all were Ashkenazim.

Nevertheless, on all measures of social and educational success, the Europeans do better than the Mizrahim, who in turn do better than the Arab citizens, a ranking perfectly consistent with IQ estimates. Of particular interest are the Ethiopians, who do very poorly, and behave like American blacks. According to an Israeli researcher, many “identify with an ‘aggressive and semi-criminal African-American youth culture’ and have become a ‘kind of ethnic underclass.’”

…In general, Jews do not differ in any appreciable way from Gentiles in the things they value, with one exception: They have a greater desire to achieve economic and social success, that is to say, they are high in “achievement motivation.” Professor Lynn suggests that, like many personality variables, this may have a partly genetic basis “brought about through having been selected by eugenic customs, persecution, and discrimination.”

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