My Dad’s Shabbos Lecture Is On YouTube

Saturday night, my 79-year old dad told people to check him out on YouTube.

His Shabbos afternoon sermon is already up:

"Dr. Desmond Ford speaks in the Campus Hill 7th Day Adventist Church on September 6, 2008. His topic is the Forensic View of the Atonement."

Jared Wright writes on YouTube: "I interview Chris Oberg, senior pastor of the Calimesa SDA Church. Pastor Oberg shares her response to a presentation by Dr. Desmond Ford at the Campus Hill Church in Loma Linda."

Joe emails: “The cadence and the tone thunders of truth. Unfortunately, his message is much like watching MSNBC or making jello stand up. How can you enter the hereafter with sin on your hands? Simply because you believe Jesus died for you? What effort does that take – is that enough to train the body to serve god? Absolutely not, ritual is needed but ritual is almost antithetical to faith. If you believe in god, why the need to wrap phylacteries to keep him in mind? The gap between Orthodox Judaism and any other faith is huge.”

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