Sweet Amy Klein

The NJG:  I love what amy klein wrote about you
The NJG:  it’s sweet luke
The NJG:  why are you upset?
Luzdedos1:  thanks
The NJG:  but if you think about it, that’s your perfect relationship to any woman
The NJG:  you obsessing, them ignoring or not responding
The NJG:  it all works for you
The NJG:  like your thing with holly, or various other women
Luzdedos1:  yeah
The NJG:  so, I think what she said is cute and it’s definitely you to a tee
The NJG:  and at the end
The NJG:  she says this
Luzdedos1:  yeah
The NJG:  "_I miss you, baby!_ he wrote.

Well, Luke, you might never guess it, but I_ll miss you, too.
The NJG:  like now that she’s older, not noticed
The NJG:  and no one cares about her
The NJG:  and she’s replaced
The NJG:  she wants to be the object of someone’s affection somehow
The NJG:  and it’s not happening
The NJG:  she goes into that in the article
The NJG:  at first she was horrified, then ignoring, which is PERFECT for you
The NJG:  then you moved on, she moved on, and is now, semi rudderless, or freelancing
The NJG:  then I wanted to tell you that your father is a really dynamic speaker
The NJG:  thoughtful and intelligent
The NJG:  I’m sure it’s kind of a source of many of your issues, a lot of people that are fantastic at their jobs are not good as parents, they’re better at what they do
The NJG:  like he sees things in an abstract way, not in a personal way and that’s why you have a lot of issues
Luzdedos1:  yeah, he’s a great speakrer
The NJG:  oh yeah
The NJG:  he’s …electric
The NJG:  in my opinion, he’s way better than Prager, who is schmalzy

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