Can You Teach Alexander Technique Via Skype?

I did a radio interview last week with Debi Dali in Dallas. She asked if I taught Alexander Technique via Skype. So far, I do not, but many leading Alexander teachers do, including Robert Rickover, Mark Josefberg and Sharon Jakubecy.

This is opposed by some of the older teachers who fear that teaching via Skype dilutes and distorts the Technique.

The New York Times reports on music teaching via Skype:

Skype and other videochat programs have transformed the simple phone call, but the technology is venturing into a new frontier: it is upending and democratizing the world of music lessons.

Students who used to limit the pool of potential teachers to those within a 20-mile radius from their homes now take lessons from teachers — some with world-class credentials — on other coasts or continents. The list of benefits is long: Players of niche instruments now have more access to teachers. Parents can simply send their child down the hall for lessons rather than driving them. And teachers now have a new way to build their business.

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